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iPTool v.1.1.5

Support Model
Canon Pixma iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP1880, iP2200, iP2500, iP2580

Support OS
Support OS Linux, Macintosh, Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.)

Features of the program:

  • Print head cleaning and cleaning
  • Reset ink counter: Reset black and color
  • Reset waste ink counter: Reset Main and Platen
  • EEPROM Operations: Read, write, and erase/reset the EEPROM printer.
  • Print head test
iPTool v.1.1.5

There are three modes in which Canon iP-series printers can operate:

  1. Normal Mode is the mode in which the printer is immediately after turning on and is ready to print. 
  2. Service Mode is a mode in which you can perform service operations using the printer buttons. 
  3. Low-Level Mode is an operating mode intended for low-level operations with the printer's EEPROM, in this mode iPTool works with the printer.

How to enter Service Mode:

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel button. 
  3. Press and hold the Power button. 
  4. Release the Resume/Cancel button (do not release the Power button)
  5. Press the Resume/Cancel button 2 times.
  6. Release the Power button. After that, the green LED will blink for some time then it will light up constantly and the printer will switch to the Service Mode. 

How to enter Low-Level Mode:

  1. Disconnect the printer's power cable.
  2. Press and hold the Power button. 
  3. Connect the printer power cable (do not release the Power button).
  4. Press the Resume/Cancel button. 
  5. Release the Power button. If the operating system informs you that found a "new device" is detected and install the printer driver, after the installation is completed, now the printer has entered Low-Level Mode. You can only exit this mode by unplugging the printer power cable.
How to use iPTool v.1.1.5

Ink Level: displays the level of ink filling.
BK - black cartridge.
CY - Cyan Color Ink Cartridge.
MG - Magenta Color Ink Cartridge.
YL - Yellow Color Ink Cartridge.
WM is the primary waste ink container.
WP is an optional waste ink container.
Port Name - Displays the name of the printer port on the system.

Operations Section.
Reset Counter - Ink Counter.
Reset Black: resets the ink cartridge counter to black.
Reset Color: resets the ink cartridge counter for the color cartridge.

EEPROM Operations.
Read: read the printer's EEPROM into a *.bin file.
Write: record *.bin file in the printer EEPROM.
Erase/Reset: reset EEPROM to factory settings.

How to Reset the ink level counter(s) of the cartridge(s)?

First, make sure that the printer is in Low-Level Mode, then press the "Reset Black" button to reset the ink level counter for the black cartridge and then press the "Reset Color" button to reset the ink level counter for the color cartridge.

How to Reset the Waste Ink Counter?

First, make sure that the printer is in Low-Level Mode, then press the "Reset Main" button to reset the Main Waste Ink Counter and then press the "Reset Platen" button to reset the Platen Waste Ink Counter.


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