Monday, December 23, 2019

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How to Fix Epson L120 error Waste Ink Pad Counter is Full


When the printer turned, blinking light Resume button and Print The head doesn't move.

Waste Ink Pad Counter is Full


Replacing the Waste Ink Pad / the Tube Assy.
Reset the waste ink counter / the ink tube counter with Adjustment Program

Fix Epson L120 error Waste Ink Pad Counter is Full

Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter
  • Turn on the printer and connect the USB cable
  • Download AdjustmentProgram Epson L120 (select one)
  • Adjustment Program Epson L120 (Destination: ESP) - Download
  • Extract file
  • Open Adjprog.exe
If Adjprog can’t be open, right-click Adjprog – Properties – Compatibility – checkbox: Run this program in compatibility mode: select Windows XP SP2/SP3 – OK

    (1)    Open SELECT
    (2)    Model Name: L120
    (3)    PORT – select USB port Epson L120 (don’t use Auto selection) – OK
    (4)    Particular Adjustment Mode

    (5)    Waste Ink Pad Counter - OK
    (6)    Give checkbox: Main Pad Counter
    (7)    Click Check – OK
    (8)    Click Initialization – OK
    (9)    FINISH

    After all required adjustments are completed, use the “Final check pattern print” function to print all adjustment patterns for a final check. If you find a problem with the printout patterns, carry out the adjustment again and run “Cleaning/Ink Charge”.

    (10)  Final Check Pattern Print – OK
    (11)  Load paper – PRINT
    (12)  FINISH. Turn off the printer and then turn on. Printer ready to use.