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How to Reset Canon Pixma MX510 Series error Ink Absorber Full

The following solutions are used for
Canon Pixma MX510 Series: MX510, MX511, MX512, MX513, MX514, MX515, MX516, MX517, MX518

Operator Call Errors
Error: Warning: The ink absorber becomes almost full.
Error code:
Main (black) – [1702], [1703]
Main (color) – [1704], [1705]
Platen (away) – [1712], [1713]
Platen (home) – [1714], [1715]
LCD display information: The ink absorber is almost full. Select [OK] to continue printing. Contact the repair center

Service Call Errors
Alternate flashing by alarm and power LED: 7 times
Error [Error code]: Ink absorber full
Main (black) – [5B02], [5B03]
Main (color) – [5B04], [5B05]
Platen (away) – [5B12], [5B13]
Platen (home) – [5B14], [5B15]
Conditions: The ink absorber becomes full.

1. Replace the ink absorber in the bottom unit
2. Reset the ink absorber counter

When the printer is turned on or starts printing, the pump will suck ink from the print head to make sure the printer is ready to print. This ink suction produces waste ink which is accommodated in the waste ink absorber. This waste ink absorber will one day reach its maximum capacity or is saturated with waste ink. When the waste ink absorber reaches its maximum capacity, the printer can no longer be used and an error appears "The ink absorber becomes full."

When this error occurs, the printer must be repaired immediately because the printer cannot be used. Printer repairs for the error "The ink absorber becomes full" are performed in two stages.
1. Physical improvement or replace the ink absorber in the bottom unit
2. Reset the ink absorber counter

The following are the printer repair steps

1. Physical improvement
Physical repair is to disassemble the printer and replace the waste ink absorber located at the bottom of the printer. There are four waste ink absorbents that are replaced:
- The main black ink absorber - Part number: QC4-2958-000
- The main color ink absorber - Part number: QC4-2959-000 and QC4-2960-000
- The platen home ink absorber - Part number: QC3-5950-000
- The platen away ink absorber - Part number: QC3-5950-000

Replace the ink absorber in the bottom unit for Canon MX510 series

Replace the ink absorber in the bottom unit for Canon MX510 series

Replace the ink absorber in the bottom unit for Canon MX510 series

Ink absorber replacement and printer reassembly must be done carefully and correctly. Make sure the assembly is done properly to avoid other undesired damage.

If the new waste ink absorber is not available on the market, an alternative solution is to wash and dry the waste ink absorber. We do not recommend washing the waste ink absorber, because the ink absorber is designed for disposables. The absorption capacity of washed out waste ink is different from the ink absorber that is replaced. Washing ink absorbers are only done if new ink absorbers are not available on the market.

How to wash waste ink absorbent
1. Soak the waste ink absorber in water or flush with running water.
2. Do not squeeze or squeeze the waste ink absorber, when washing or drying. The air cavity in the ink absorber serves to collect ink. When the ink absorber is squeezed, the air bubbles will be lost.
3. The best way to wash it is to soak it in water. When the water becomes turbid, replace it with clean water, then soak again. Repeat soaking until it feels clean enough.
4. The best drying method is by drying it and not squeezing it. Dry the absorbent ink until it feels dry enough.
5. Make sure the ink absorber keeps expanding before replacing it into the printer.

After the waste ink absorber is replaced and the printer is reassembled, the next step is to reset the waste ink counter.

2. Reset the ink absorber counter
Reset the Canon Pixma MX510, MX511, MX512, MX513, MX514, MX515, MX516, MX517, MX518 error Ink Absorber Full.

STEP 1 - Enter Service Mode
Before resetting, the printer must be in Service Mode.

Service mode operation procedures:
1)   Turn off a printer
2)   Press and hold the STOP button
3)   Press and hold the ON button (do not release both buttons)
4)   Release the STOP button (do not release the ON button)
5)   While holding the ON button, press the STOP button 5 times **, and then release both the ON and STOP buttons together.

About point 5):
While holding the ON button, press and release the STOP button 4 times, then press and hold the STOP buttons, then release both the ON and STOP buttons together.

  • **: To disable the scanner error detection and start the machine in the service mode, while holding the ON button, press the STOP button 6 times. This way, the service mode is available without the scanner.
  • When the power LED lights in green, it means the printer is ready for the service mode operation.
  • If the power LED does not turn green, the printer fails to enter Service Mode. Please, turn off the printer and then repeat Service mode operation procedures.

STEP 2 - Reset error Ink Absorber Full
After the printer is in Service mode, follow the instructions

Canon Service Tool v.3400

Reset error ink absorber full with Service Tool v.3400

  • To reset error Ink Absorber Full use Canon Service Tool v.3400
  • Download Service Tool v.3400
  • Extract file and open Service Tool. If Service Tool can't be open, unplug the USB cable and then open the Service Tool. After the open Service Tool, re-connect USB cable.
  • Load paper A4 or Letter
  • For your reference in servicing, click EEPROM (1) information print before resetting.
  • Clear Ink Counter, select ALL (2) and then click SET (3). After the ink absorber counter is reset, the counter value is printed automatically. Clear Ink Counter - select ALL means: Resets ALL the four ink absorber counters (Main_Black, Main_Color, Platen_Away, Platen_Home).
  • Select the destination, Region (4): ASA, AUS, BRA, CHN, CND, EMB, EUR, JPN, KOR, LTN, TWN, USA and then click SET (5).
  • Click EEPROM (1) information print once again after resetting.
  • Compare EEPROM information before and after reset.
How to read EEPROM information print for Canon MX510 series

How to read EEPROM information print
Print EEPROM information, and check “D” and “Dp” (ink absorber counter) to “DF” (ink absorber life) value.

Step 1: Is “D” or “Dp” greater than 80%?
Yes (above 80%) -> Replace the ink absorber.
No (less than 80%) -> go to step 2.

Step 2: Is "DF" greater than 24?
No (less than 24 months) -> replace the ink absorber.
Yes (over 24 months) -> No need to replace ink absorber.

Note: If the "ST" (installation date) value is earlier than 2011/07/31, the "DF" (ink absorption life) value is incorrect. Skip step 2. Ink absorber life is the estimated life calculated based on the user's machine usage.
  • If all goes well (D and Dp = 000.0), close the Service Tool
  • Turn off the printer (wait 10 seconds.)
  • Turn on printer and printer ready to use.
Repairing the printer for an error the ink absorber becomes full is done in two stages. If you have trouble doing it yourself, we highly recommend asking the Canon Service Center for help or a professional in printer repair.

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