Friday, July 26, 2019

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General Tool v1.29

Name: GeneralTool for T22240/32245/22234 version 1.29
UsageShipment inspection pattern printing, Destination setting in EEPROM, EEPROM reset
Supported Printer:
Canon Pixma iP2200J for iP2200 Japan model
Canon Pixma iP2200E for iP2200 non-Japan models
Canon Pixma iP1600E for iP1600 non-Japan models
Canon Pixma iP1200E for iP1200 non-Japan models

GeneralTool for T22240/32245/22234 version 1.29

Supported OS
Linux, Macintosh, Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.)

If the Tool can not be open, follow instructions:
1.   Extract file – open folder General Tool. Right-click GeneralTool.exe – select Properties
2.   Compatibility
3.   Checkbox: Run this program in compatibility mode for:
4.   Select Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
5.   OK.

General Tool v1.29 sopport OS Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

How to use General Tool v1.29
To reset the Canon Pixma iP1200, iP1600, iP2200, follow the instructions below:

STEP 1 - Enter Service Mode
Service mode operation procedures:
1.   With the ink cartridges installed, while pressing and holding the Power button
2.   Connect the AC power plug.
3.   After the Power LED lights in green, with the Power button still pressed, press the Resume/Cancel button 2 times, and release both the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons together.
Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the Alarm and Power LEDs light alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green, starting with Alarm LED.

STEP 2 - Reset the Printer
4.   Download General Tool v1.29
5.   Extract file then open GeneralTool.exe
If GeneralTool can not be open, follow the instruction: right-click GeneralTool.exe – Properties – Compatibility  Checkbox: Run this program in compatibility mode for  – select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) – OK.
6.   Load paper and follow the instruction:

Reset the printer with General Tool v1.29

(1)       Select the connected USB a port number from the USB PORT
(2)       TEST PATTERN 1, the shipment inspection pattern 1 will be printed.
(3)       LOCK RELEASE
iP2200J for iP2200 Japan model
iP2200E for iP2200 non-Japan models
iP1600E for iP1600 non-Japan models
iP1200E for iP1200 non-Japan models
(5)       DEVICE ID, confirms the model name indicated in the (6) area.
(7)       EEPROM CLEAR checkbox, the EEPROM will be reset.
Click “MAIN” resets the main waste ink counter.
Click “PLATEN” resets the platen waste ink counter.
(9)       EEP-ROM INFORMATION. The EEP-ROM INFORMATION dialog box will open to display EEPROM information details.
(10)     QUIT


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