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How to Fix Canon Pixma MP240, MP245 error Ink Absorber Full [5B00] [5B01]

Operator Call Errors
Error: Warning: The ink absorber becomes almost full.
Error code: [1700]
E No.: E08

Service Call Errors
Cycles of blinking in orange and green: 7 times
Error: Ink absorber full
Error code: Japan: [5B00], Others: [5B01]
P No.: P07
Conditions: The ink absorber becomes full.

Solution: Reset the printer

Reset Canon Pixma MP240, MP245 error Ink Absorber Full [5B00] [5B01]

Before resetting, the printer must be in Service Mode.

STEP 1 - Enter Service Mode

Service mode operation procedures:
1)   Turn off a printer
2)   Press and hold the STOP/RESET button
3)   Press and hold the ON button (do not release both buttons)
4)   Release the STOP/RESET button (do not release the ON button)
5)   While holding the ON button, press the STOP/RESET button 2 times, and then release both the ON and STOP/RESET buttons together.

About point 5):
While holding the ON button, press and release the STOP/RESET button 1 time, then press and hold the STOP/RESET buttons, then release both the ON and STOP/RESET buttons together.

  • When the Power LED lights in green and the machine displays "0" (zero) on the 7-segment LED, it's mean the printer is ready for the service mode operation.
  • If the power LED does not turn green, the printer fails to enter Service Mode. Please, turn off the printer and then repeat Service mode operation procedures.

STEP 2 - Reset error Ink Absorber Full [5B00] [5B01]

Reset error ink absorber full with Service Tool v.1020 

  • Download Service Tool v.1020
  • Extract file and open Service Tool. If Service Tool can't be open, unplug the USB cable and then open the Service Tool. After the open Service Tool, re-connect USB cable.
  • Load paper A4 or Letter
  • Select USB Port (1)
  • For your reference in servicing, click EEPROM information print before resetting (2)
  • Clear Ink Counter, click MAIN (3). Wait for the printer to finish printing D=000.0. D is a Waste ink amount. D=000.0 means "The ink absorber counter has been reset to zero".

The ink absorber counter has been reset to zero
  • Select the destination, Region: ASA, AUS, BRA, CHN, CND, EUR, JPN, KOR, LTN, TWN, USA (4) and then click SET (5)
  • Click EEPROM information print once again after resetting (1).
  • Compare EEPROM information before and after reset, look at the value of D (Waste ink amount).
  • If all goes well, close Service Tool
  • Turn off the printer (wait 10 seconds)
  • Turn on printer and printer ready to use

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