Monday, August 12, 2019

About us


My name is Ishadi, and Sidiq is my father's name.
I work as a PC, Laptop, and Printer repair technician from 2005. I have a shop called Aplus Komputer which in 2019 was renamed Aplus Home. I have a hobby of writing and computers are my fields.

Once I was asked by consumers in the store, where did you learn how to repair a computer device ?, at that time I answered "I learned from you!". Then he asked again, what does that mean? "You or the customer, every day coming to my shop brings a new problem. Consumers tell how the initial damage can occur, what improvements they want, and many things they ask. The type of damage or error is the same, but the background of the damage is different, the solution what is used is also different. What I read and learn, is very different from the reality of the work. You or the consumer, every day gives me a new case, and that makes me study and smarter. "

In computer repair science, sometimes I use instinct. What I mean instinctively is, when a customer comes, I will talk to the consumer first, how he uses the device every day, how the initial damage occurred, when they bought the equipment, etc. Then I will try to animate, and see all the visible signs, such as; lights, error messages on the screen, sounds, indicators, and all the things that can be a clue to me. This is a quick analysis that I did. This quick analysis is very important, because usually consumers will ask "What is the cause of damage to my device?" That is the first question from consumers that I must answer immediately, then they will ask "how long will it take to repair it, and how much will it cost to repair it?" There is one thing that is definitely expected by consumers, they expect improvements to be made quickly, low cost, and maximum results. For me, this is a challenge and something very interesting. There is satisfaction in me, when I managed to find the cause of the damage, and managed to repair the damage.

In repairing computer equipment, technical documents such as service manuals, or information on the internet, help a lot. However, the reality in the field is very different. Lots of engineering techniques, or special tricks that must be done, or complicated stages that must be done. Very often I receive damage with a history of "I followed the tutorial or instructions that I saw on the internet. Because the tutorial looks easy, then I tried it. After I tried, there was damage that I experienced". This is why, tutorials on one hand can be useful, but on the other hand they can cause problems for those who follow them. In my opinion, sometimes information about a method of improvement or solution, is written not based on a real case, or a case that was created. For me, I will take the core of the information that is the cause of the problem or error. While the solution is done differently, following the actual conditions. Sometimes, the type of damage is the same, but the cause of the damage is different, then the solution used is also different.

I have a hobby of writing, repairing a computer device is my job, being able to write down all experiences is satisfaction for me, and when my writing is useful for others, it becomes my charity to others. Hopefully you find what you need here. Thanks.

About us:
Name: Ishadi Sidiq
Company: Aplus Home
City, State: Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia
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  1. Hallo, habe einen Canon TS8250, welcher nach fast 6 Wochen in der Werkstatt als Austauschgerät zurück kam.
    Die Werkstatt hat keine Ersatzteile bekommen(nicht lieferbar) und Canon hat ein Austauschgerät geschickt.
    Der angezeigte Fehler war 6800, konnte aber nach der angegebenen Methode nicht zurück gesetzt werden.
    (Ausschalten, Stecker raus , eine Weile warten , Stecker rein und einschalten)
    Ich konnte von der Werkstatt nicht erfahren, was defekt war. Habe auf Ihrer Seite zu mehreren Canon Druckern
    Anleitungen gesehen, in der Hauptsache zum Schwämme Reset. Haben Sie eventuell auch schon mit den relativ neuen
    TS 8000 Serien Erfahrung in Fehlereingrenzung?


  2. i need apple boardview 820-2610a

  3. Tut mir leid, aber ich kann die BRD Datei nicht öffnen. Habe dazu ein Autodesk Programm bemüht, welches mir allerdings immer einen Fehler ausgibt!

  4. Danke, konnte die BRD Datei öffnen. Es handelt sich vermutlich um die Haupt-Platine des Canon TS8250? Leider ist da ja nicht aus zu machen welcher Chip eventuell defekt sein könnte. Und dort etwas zu reparieren, dürfte wohl aussichtslos sein. Außer es gibt einen Tipp, welche Kontakte zu einem eventuellen Reset verhelfen. Bis auf Stecker ziehen und nach einer Zeit wieder einstecken ist ja nichts möglich, solange der Fehler im Display angezeigt wird!